Saturday, 14 March 2009

how Infamous will it be

release- spring 09

Ok to be honest at first Infamous looked to like a Suckerpunches attempts to refine what crackdown started on the 360. Im Glad to say i couldnt have been more wrong Infamous Follows Cole, an unsuspecting urban exploring, package delivering average joe and the powers he gains and the path he takes after a devestating explosion in Empire City.

Infamous is a story of a superhero do not get it twisted, just more of a hero of nowdays, lots of grey areas lots of decisions, and not every thing u do will be along the hero MO. The real draw to Infamous for me are Cole's electrically based powers, come on who hasn't wanted to shove a lighting bolt up a villan's Ass, were being told that to powers will be coles primary weapon through the game. That aside they have managed to get alot of depth and variety from the base electrical powers and have even factored it into navigation of the city, interaction with water and cole ability or lack of it to use most firearms in the game due to the fact the bullets would explode because of coles abilities?.

Im not to sure about other's view but infamous graphically is coming along nicely the ingame engine is rendering the lighting and electrical effects amazingly. The city, well as much as ive seen of it is overflowing with little details to remind the player that the're in a warzone of villians and gangs, but in doing so never over looks the fact that this city is also a home to civilians trying to survive, and as cole you can choose to emite distruction in your journey to justice, or be this hero that this city need in more of a traditional hero role.

All in all im gettin more and more excited about Infamous the closer it gets,could this be the exclusive Sony were looking for? who knows just keep locked.


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